News: You can ring Lana Del Rey’s hotline

Originally published on Dazed Digital 24th September 2015 

Have you ever decided to ring a phone number mentioned in a movie or on an album and ended up getting that totally frustrating message “the number you’re trying to ring is unavailable”? Well, fortunately for Lana Del Rey fans, the number featured on her new album cover for Honeymoon legit works.

The singer has launched a hotline that lets you talk directly to her. Since the album came out fans have been ringing up and talking to Lana Del Rey and naturally Instagramming the results.

If she doesn’t answer (because let’s face it, she’s a busy woman) you’ll get to hear her recite T.S.Elliot’s poem “Burnt Norton”, followed by the chance to listen to two of her tracks from the new album and two of her “favourite lectures about today’s stars.” These include a TED talk from entrepreneur Elon Musk and a lecture from Del Rey’s favourite physicist Lawrence Krauss on theOrigins of the Universe.

So, if you want to chat to Lana or listen to her waxing lyrical about her favourite shit – call 1-800-268-7886 (think you add a 00 if you’re calling from the UK). In the meantime, check out the most Lana Del Rey-est lyrics from her new album.


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